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ABV: 15

Lost Dog (w/Lost Abbey) (11/2011)

Rum-Aged Imperial Porter - Lost Abbey Collab.

Our first beer aged in rum casks, Lost Dog saw us brew a collaboration imperial porter with our friends at Lost Abbey. The base beer was packed with toffee, chocolate and roasty notes, balanced with a subtle spicy hop character. The rum casks add a warming, spiced vanilla edge.


Wyeast 1272 - American Ale II™

Brewers Tips:

Ageing in barrels brings the ABV up. Recreate rum cask ageing by soaking oak chips in rum then adding to the maturing beer.

Food Pairing:

Beef satay skewers
Venison & cranberry pie
Blackberry mocha gateaux

Contributed by Sam Mason <samjbmason>

Brewing Temps:

Mash temperature: 65 celsius
Fermentation temperature: 19 celsius

Brewers Twists:

Aged in rum casks for 12 months
Volume 20 litres
ABV 10
IBU 35
ebc 80
srm 40
PH 4.4
Atennuation Level 85
Beer Specs
Name Amount
Extra Pale 4.69 kilograms
Pale Chocolate 0.23 kilograms
Chocolate 0.7 kilograms
Dark Crystal 0.35 kilograms
Flaked Oats 0.47 kilograms
Caramalt 0.35 kilograms
Malt Ingredients
Name Amount Attribute Add At
First Gold 35 grams bitter start