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ABV: 15

Jet Trash (2018)

West Coast IPA.

A new 6.9% ABV West Coast IPA, Jet Trash is one of the core Fanzine beers, and will feature evolving editions as part of our new subscription model.


Wyeast 1056 - American Aleā„¢

Brewers Tips:

Split this batch and try fermenting the other half with WLP008 East Coast Ale, dry hop whilst primary fermentation is going and have an East Coast IPA to compare with.

Food Pairing:

Roast chicken
Seared steak
Crusty bread

Contributed by John Jenkman <johnjenkman>

Brewing Temps:

Mash temperature: 65 celsius
Fermentation temperature: 19 celsius

Brewers Twists:

Sorry, no creative twists for this beer!
Volume 20 litres
ABV 6.9
IBU 65
ebc 18
srm 9
PH 4.6
Atennuation Level 87
Beer Specs
Name Amount
Pale Ale 4.56 kilograms
Munich 0.36 kilograms
Dextrin Malt 0.24 kilograms
Carared 0.24 kilograms
Malt Ingredients
Name Amount Attribute Add At
Simcoe 32 grams Bittering 65
Cascade 20 grams Flavour 10
Cascade 30 grams Aroma 0
Centennial 30 grams Aroma 0
Citra 60 grams Aroma Dry Hop
Simcoe 40 grams Aroma Dry Hop
Cascade 20 grams Aroma Dry Hop
Chinook 20 grams Aroma Dry Hop
Mosaic 20 grams Aroma Dry Hop