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ABV: 15

Waimea - IPA Is Dead (02/2013)

Single Hop India Pale Ale.

Waimea has a new world flavour, infusing unique fresh crushed citrus aroma and flavour notes into this IPA - think intense fresh tangelo, citrus fruit and pine needle characteristics. There is a huge depth of flavour with astringent gooseberry balanced against the robust malt base.


Wyeast 1056 - American Aleā„¢

Brewers Tips:

Use the freshest hops for the most impact.

Food Pairing:

Hot spiced barbecue chicken wings
Orange sesame chicken
Chocolate fondue with fruit

Contributed by Matt Ball <GeordieMatt>

Brewing Temps:

Mash temperature: 65 celsius
Fermentation temperature: 19 celsius

Brewers Twists:

Sorry, no creative twists for this beer!
Volume 20 litres
ABV 6.7
IBU 70
ebc 30
srm 15
PH 4.4
Atennuation Level 77.3
Beer Specs
Name Amount
Extra Pale 5 kilograms
Caramalt 0.31 kilograms
Dark Crystal 0.06 kilograms
Munich 0.31 kilograms
Malt Ingredients
Name Amount Attribute Add At
Waimea 2.5 grams bitter start
Waimea 20 grams flavour middle
Waimea 37.5 grams flavour end
Waimea 125 grams aroma dry hop