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ABV: 15

Santa Paws (10/2010)

Christmas Scoth Ale.

A 4.5% decadent scotch ale brewed with Scottish heather honey. A robust malty beer packed with flavour, at a strength you can drink all (Christmas) day long. Santa Paws is our antidote to the chaos of the festive season. All the flavours of Christmas pudding in liquid form.


Wyeast 1056 - American Ale™

Brewers Tips:

The addition of Weyermann Beech Smoked malt creates a beer with a delicate smoke character.

Food Pairing:

French onion soup
Braised pheasant
Caramel sauce and hot fudge

Contributed by Sam Mason <samjbmason>

Brewing Temps:

Mash temperature: 66 celsius
Fermentation temperature: 19 celsius

Brewers Twists:

Sorry, no creative twists for this beer!
Volume 20 litres
ABV 4.5
IBU 35
ebc 44
srm 22
PH 4.4
Atennuation Level 72.9
Beer Specs
Name Amount
Extra Pale 1.75 kilograms
Munich 0.44 kilograms
Dark Crystal 0.5 kilograms
Wheat 0.56 kilograms
Flaked Oats 0.56 kilograms
Carafa Special Malt Type 3 0.13 kilograms
Amber 0.25 kilograms
Weyermann Beech Smoked 0.63 kilograms
Malt Ingredients
Name Amount Attribute Add At
First Gold 18.5 grams bitter start
Willamette 12.5 grams bitter start
Hallertauer Mittelfrüh 6.5 grams bitter start