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ABV: 15

Paradox Jura (06/2010)

Ubiquitous Imperial Stout.

Paradox. Reloaded. In 2011 we put Paradox into high gear to create an Imperial Stout destined for ageing. Loaded with dark roasted malts for a full bodied, toasted background, an array of bitter, earthy and resinous hops, and brewed with oats for a bold mouthfeel. This beer is the perfect canvas for barrel ageing.


Wyeast 1272 - American Ale II™

Brewers Tips:

Allow the fermentation to go as far as possible. Soak oak chips in whisky to get the barrel aged characteristic.

Food Pairing:

Smoked cured beef
Smoked aubergine tapenade with rye bread
Beer affogato - 1/3 glass of Paradox with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Contributed by Sam Mason <samjbmason>

Brewing Temps:

Mash temperature: 65 celsius
Fermentation temperature: 21 celsius

Brewers Twists:

Try ageing on oak chips, infusing with rum raisins, or vanilla pods
Volume 20 litres
ABV 10
IBU 55
ebc 300
srm 152
PH 4.4
Atennuation Level 89
Beer Specs
Name Amount
Extra Pale 6.5 kilograms
Caramalt 0.86 kilograms
Munich 0.5 kilograms
Flaked Oats 2 kilograms
Dark Crystal 0.86 kilograms
Carafa Special Malt Type 1 0.25 kilograms
Carafa Special Malt Type 3 0.5 kilograms
Malt Ingredients
Name Amount Attribute Add At
Columbus 75 grams bitter start
Columbus 25 grams flavour middle
Saaz 25 grams flavour end
First Gold 25 grams flavour end